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Trekking Conditions

Most of the trails used on our mountain treks are well-defined and of good quality but some forest. sections can be slippery. The summit days on Mt. Meru and Kilimanjaro are long and hard passing over rock and loose scree. These mountains are large volcanoes that tower above the surrounding plains and result in all climbs requiring a considerable amount of uphill and then lots of downhill

Handling of Luggage

Each client should bring a maximum of 15kg of luggage onto Kilimanjaro (12kg on Meru). It should be contained in a duffle bag or soft kitbag, this will be carried by a porter inside a lightweight client bag to give it further protection. The client carries only their day-sack. Any unwanted baggage and suitcases can be safely stored in the hotel.

Food And Drinks

We choose the ingredients carefully to ensure that the food prepared by our team is tasty, easy to digest at altitude, and with high energy content. We can cater for vegetarians, ensuring that their meals are varied and inviting. A fresh food resupply is provided for all groups on climbs of 7 or more days, and on 6 day climbs when the group is of 5 or more clients. This resupply reaches the group part way through the trip and includes fresh bread, fruits, vegetables, cheese, and meat. The menu has a high liquid and carbohydrate content; the two important elements for successful climbing. At higher altitudes, stimulants (such as coffee) and less digestible foods (such as meat) are not recommended. Our evening meal at the highest camp on Kilimanjaro is a meatless stew as our experience shows this to be the ideal preparation for the summit day. Treated water is offered each evening for filling water bottles and is readily available at other mealtimes too. At mealtimes a selection of hot drinks are available. Soup is served twice daily.


The campsites on Kilimanjaro are designated by the national park, and are mainly are stone/dirt.

They are not all level and can be crowded in peak season. We provide quality mountain tents that are rated as 3 person tents although TAST do accommodate 2 people only. Hence there is plenty of personal space and ample luggage storage area in the two porches.

The tents are Vango Halo Pro 300  https://www.vango.co.uk/gb/camping-equipment/1325-halo-300.html

A limited number of these tents are available as single tents at a supplementary charge and should be reserved in advance.

Breakfast and dinner are served in our communal mess tent with chairs, tables and a bright LED light.

This tent is also available for communal use in the afternoon and evening.

There are additional tents with our groups that are used by our mountain crew for sleeping and cooking in. We provide groundsheets for all of these tents.

Personal Hiking Equipment

Clients can bring their own sleeping bag, Down jacket, sleeping mat and pair of walking poles  or hired from TAST  outfit store see details below;

Renting of mountain equipment

We have a store of equipment of international standard for rent.

Renting of mountain equipment
We have a store of equipment of international standard for rent.
Item for rent
Duvet (Down) Jacket Mountain Equipment’s premier off-the-shelf jacket which is the Annapurna Jacket. For more information on its specifications see
Sizes available for rent: www.mountainequipment.co.uk/annapurna-jacket
Large (42 to 44 inch, or 107-112 cm) Medium (40 to 42 inch, or 102-107 cm)
Small (38 to 40 inch, or 96-102 cm) Extra Large (XL) (44 to 46 inch, or 112-117cm)
Down Sleeping Bag + cotton liner Vango’s F10 Vulcan -17C. A down-filled, 5 Season, mummy’s sleeping bag. For more information on this specific please refer to Vango’s website
Sleeping Bag + cotton liner Vango’s 4 Season, synthetic, mummy-shaped sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is supplied with a cotton liner to provide a cleaner and more comfortable nights sleep. https://www.greatoutdoorssuperstore.co.uk/vango-ultralite-1300-sleeping-bag-grasshopper-p35703
Personal Oxygen System The ALTOX is designed to make your summit climb more enjoyable by providing supplementary oxygen as you walk to the summit.
Safari-style Mattress Locally sourced covered foam mat which is 4.5 cm thick foam, 180 cm long and 60 cm wide
Walking stick (pair) Collapsible aluminium walking poles

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