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Daily Meals

Bed Tea – tea or coffee served in your tent.

Breakfast consists of seasonal fresh fruit (mango/banana/watermelon), porridge, cooked eggs, sausage, bacon and toast.

Energy snacks are provided for the daily walk such as biscuits, bananas, and chocolate bars.

Lunch is either a packed lunch on longer days or, more usually, a hot lunch served in camp by a small team who have raced ahead of the clients. A hot lunch typically consists of soup, bread or pancakes, cheese, tuna, jam, peanut butter, pasta salad and cake.

Afternoon tea is served in late afternoon. It is an opportunity to drink lots of hot drinks and snack on peanuts or popcorn.

Dinner is the main meal of the day and always consists of three courses; soup and bread, followed by a main dish, which could be rice, potatoes or pasta with fish, meat or vegetables, and is followed by a dessert often of fruit.

Summit snacks

Whilst we provide enough food for the climb, we recommend that you bring some of your favorite snacks, and keep them for the summit day. This is because the summit day is a long and tough climb and having your favorite snacks can give you a very welcome boost.

Meal Options

What we offer are 4 options:-

1. Standard meals

2. Vegetarian meals (no meat and fish)

3. Gluten free meals Option 1  – food without gluten, but no separate utensils. All dishes cooked by the same cook as the group. We know which of the products we use on Kili have gluten within them and our cooks can make meals without using them. However in this option the same cook makes all the food for the group, and uses the same utensils so there is chance of tiny amounts of cross contamination. Also it should be noted that there are NO special gluten free food items available here, so the staples are rice and potatoes. We recommend that clients bring some special gluten-free snacks and pasta to supplement what we provide. There is no surcharge for this service.

4. Gluten free meals Option 2 – food without gluten, with a personal cook and new utensils.This is for clients who need the best possibility of having no gluten contamination. The client has a personal cook and all cooking and serving implements are brand new (so no initial cross contamination) and they are kept separate so there is no cross contamination whilst on Kili.

The same recommendation applies that clients bring some gluten free snacks and pasta etc from home. There is a surcharge for this service.


We always ensure that there is a bowl of hot washing water for you in the morning and again after the walk at an agreed time in the afternoon. The only exception is the highest camp where there is no water source and hence all water must be carried from a lower level by porters. Handwashing water treated with dettol is available along with soap before all meals, and everyone is strongly advised to make use of it.

We supply a private toilet tent on all camping routes as we have found that the long drop toilets maintained by the national park are of a sub-standard quality. The toilet tent has toilet paper within it, but we recommend clients bring their own toilet paper and wet wipes as well.

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